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  • One third of all landfills worldwide are construction waste. Credit: The Californian

Environmental Cash

By Dr Doug Potter When you drive by a construction site for a building or home that’s being renovated, it is very common to see a dumpster/skip parked outside loaded down with bricks, lumber and [...]

  • Image credit: City of cape town

How to build it clean and green

By Eamonn Ryan Unfortunately, when it comes to building affordable housing developments so as to be ‘affordable’, many developers continue to build as cheaply as possible rather than employ the number of energy savings practices [...]

  • The launch of Montrose City. Image credit: Montrose City

Town planning procedures protect occupants

Long before the keys are handed over to an occupant, developments are documented and need to follow correct processes. Less than 50% of a project’s duration is the visible construction period on site as the [...]

  • Table 1: Key differences in deceased estate processes

Case study: winding up an estate

The Transaction Support Centre (TSC), an action-research housing advice office in Khayelitsha, Cape Town has been in operation since July 2018 and has seen more than 160 clients with various housing-related issues. […]

Making the competition green with envy…

A leading provider of innovative green building systems used in a wide range of industries including residential, education, medical, farming and commercial facilities is taking on the affordable sector. By Intastor | All photos by [...]