With the increase in unseasonal stormy weather, the need for efficient and suitable drainage has increased, particularly for projects that have road or road upgrading elements and related components.

Beany Block and Max Tech.

Beany Block and Max Tech.

Rocla has recently upscaled the already extremely versatile combined kerb and drainage system – Beany Block and Max Tech – specifically designed for both roadway drainage, with kerbs on either side and parking areas and general open spaces where drainage is required in strips, crossing these areas.

The system consists of a series of Base Blocks of standard channel section and Top Blocks of inverted channel section with an opening in one side face, collecting water horizontally into the channel section. The Max Tech system consists of the same Base Block Channel section but with Max Tech Dog Bone slabs placed on top, creating a surface and openings level with the pavement area and hence collecting water vertically into the channel. When laid end to end, they form kerb and/or surface water drainage units strong enough to withstand normal traffic loading.

A standard Top and Base Block is 500mm in length with each block having approximate mass of 70 Kg, whilst Max Tech slabs are 250mm in length (along the channel) and weigh approximately 32kg each. The Top Block oval openings give an aesthetic appearance and a continuous line of these blocks provides greater inlet capacities than conventional kerb inlets with less risk of blockage or damage. The Max Tech oval slot allows for approximately 18% open area for catchment. Standard blocks may be used for curve radii of 30m or more, smaller are managed by grouting up wedges created between adjacent blocks.

Problems such as insufficient fall and conflicting levels of service mains and cables are eliminated with the Beany Block and Max Tech Systems. The precast elements, shallow excavations and easily formed drainage profiles offer substantial time savings over conventionally designed options.

The Beany Block is a substitute for kerbs, stormwater pipework (250mm – 300mm diameter pipes), kerb inlets and parts of footways, whilst Max Tech eliminates complex cross falls and provides a continuous collection and carriage system. Contractual claims due to damaged service are far less likely to occur compared to conventional drainage due to the shallow excavations involved in the installation of the system.

There are numerous applications for the Beany Block and Max Tech combined drainage and kerb system namely:

  • Applications where high inlet capacity is required
  • Wide carriageways
  • As a division between vehicle and pedestrian / bicycle lanes with drainage from both sides
  • Parking areas
  • Taxi ranks and bus depots
  • Washbays and vehicle service areas
  • Median islands and industrial areas
  • Drainage around buildings and walkways
  • Toll Plazas
  • Intersections of roads and driveways

The Beany Block drainage systems has undergone strength tests and the Top and Base Blocks have been designed to withstand accidental 80KN axle loading. The (unreinforced) Max Tech has been designed for 30KN axle point loads.