Agrément South Africa has been launched as a fully-fledged legal entity by Thulas Nxesi, public works minister. The launch followed the President’s proclamation of Act NO.11 of 2015 in which Agrément was established as a schedule 3A entity under public works, and is recognised as having been independent of the CSIR since 1 April 2018.

Agrément was first established 49 years ago in 1969 and had previously been an agency of the Department of Public Works (DPW), managed by the CSIR. All technical assessments had previously been undertaken at the CSIR campus’ laboratories and test sites, but this will now change. The entity is tasked with conducting testing, performance and certification of construction industry products to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Additionally, it is also responsible for compliance in the construction industry, and managing the South African Eco-Labelling System, while continuing to play an integral part in the DPW’s scarce technical expertise.

Dr Jeffrey Mahachi, Agrément South Africa Acting chairperson, stated that the move, “provides us with an opportunity to actively support innovation in the construction industry through a public entity”.