The housing handover, which happened on 6 May 2019, marked a new beginning for five beneficiaries when they received the keys to their new Breaking New Ground (BNG) homes in the Belhar-Pentech housing project. This housing project will create 340 housing opportunities for beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries of the housing development project included Ms Elizabeth September (68), Mr Owen van Wyk (64) and Mr Present Konstable (69), who were thrilled to be among the first to receive the keys to their new homes. The project is expected to be completed by June 2020.

‘‘The R55-million project is testament to the City’s commitment to redress and service delivery through the provision of housing opportunities. When homes are handed over to our most vulnerable residents, it also empowers them as first-time property owners. Today, our beneficiaries and their families can celebrate as they begin a new chapter in their lives. This is a chapter of security as now they have a place that they can call home, one that belongs to them. It is also a chapter of empowerment as they now own property for the first time in their lives,’’ says Cape Town Mayor Alderman Dan Plato.

‘‘Owning a home means much more to the beneficiaries than just having a roof over their heads, it signifies the restoration of dignity to some of our most vulnerable residents. This is certainly a memorable moment for our beneficiaries. Going forward, we remind our new property owners that they are responsible for their homes. We therefore encourage them to make responsible decisions regarding their homes which includes the maintenance and upkeep of their homes as well as ensuring the security of their assets for their loved ones in future by including it in their will,’’ says Councillor Malusi Booi.

The project includes the building of semi-detached and free-standing single-storey houses, as well as the installation of electrical infrastructure, street lighting, open spaces and sidewalks.

Over the coming months, more qualifying beneficiaries will receive their own homes as part of the City’s commitment to provide additional BNG houses in the area. A number of other projects will provide housing opportunities to thousands of beneficiaries are under way across the metro.

‘‘We are making every effort to ensure that the provision of housing opportunities reach more residents who qualify for housing opportunities. As a caring City, we recognise the dire need for accommodation that is situated on well-located land, which is close to public transport, employment opportunities and economic nodes. There are no quick fixes, but we are absolutely committed to building integrated communities with different types of residential developments based on a mix of income groups and circumstances as a means not only of enabling redress but to respond to the requirements of an increasingly urbanised society. We are committed to inclusivity and will keep on exploring all possibilities to provide more affordable housing opportunities for our residents,’’ adds Councillor Booi.