Acotec is the first quick-to-install non-load bearing precast partition wall element that can be used globally in residential buildings and on public premises – such as hospitals, schools, service flats and warehouses.

Acotec is made from Leca or concrete, ensuring great resistance against moisture and temperature differences while also dampening sounds from elsewhere in the building. Acotec can be used in practically any application. A thicker wall also helps to dampen sounds from other rooms and apartments; the less noise you can hear from other apartments, the more comfortable living is.

Panels can be installed up to 90m2/d by two workers of simple wall and the average is 50m2/d. Even in comparison to block partitions, Acotec installation is up to three times faster.

For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 423 2700.

Acotec 001