Alpen’s range of drill bits is ‘hard’ to beat – in more ways than one.

Its Porcelain tile drill bit with Keramo, for extremely hard porcelain tiles up to Mohs/Ritz hardness nine and glass, with no cooling required. Its maximum spindle speed is 200rpm.

Although not suitable for percussion drilling, it is an absolute problem solver for the hardest porcelain tiles.

The Profi Diamond tile bits and drilling template for extremely hard ceramic tiles, extremely hard roofing tiles, marble, granite, glass and porcelain is suitable for any standard cordless drill thanks to its standardised shank profile.

The Profi Keramo Tungsten carbide rotary ceramic drill bit, DIN ISO 5468 is a high efficiency drill for drilling tiles, ceramics and marble, it is highly accurate and very stable, for rotary use only. It offers self-centring via its diamond-ground carbide tip and is a long-life unit, thanks to its milled flutes.

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