Enhanced FLISP Application Processing CRM system a game changer

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By The National Housing Finance Corporation

The National Housing Finance Corporation (NHFC) has been appointed by the National Department of Human Settlements (DHS) as the implementation agent of the Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP).

The NHFC is on the verge of finalising the enhancement of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System that will make a huge impact on ensuring that the current delays being experienced in FLISP applications are eliminated, as FLISP processing will become an automated process.

 On 1 October 2005, FLISP was introduced to assist a certain category of households that were unable to access mortgage loans without other forms of housing finance support. Dubbed the ‘gap market’, these households were described as “earning too little to qualify for adequate mortgage loans and yet earning too much to qualify for adequate housing subsidies.”

Since its inception, FLISP uptake has never reached the desired usage levels due to implementation challenges. As a result, the DHS’s executive team approved several changes in the implementation of FLISP.  Among these changes, was to appoint a FLISP National Implementing Agent (NIA). Therefore, the DHS appointed the NHFC as the National Implementing Agent for FLISP with effect from 1 April 2019, while allowing Provinces to continue to implement FLISP in their Integrated Residential Development Projects (IRDPs). For the NHFC to execute its NIA role, it receives the FLISP allocation for subsidies as well as an allocation for operational costs direct from the DHS.

Image credit: NHFC

Image credit: NHFC

 NHFC Action to Improve CRM System to process FLISP Applications

When the NHFC assumed the role of NIA, it became apparent that it would need to develop and implement sound IT systems to enable the seamless processing of FLISP applications.  Noting that it would be time consuming for a new dedicated FLISP system to be developed and implemented, the IT system Business Case analysis recommended that an enhancement be made on the current manually driven CRM system. Such an enhancement will significantly reduce turnaround times throughout the value chain from receiving applications to the payment of subsidies. Ultimately the NHFC will develop a new dedicated FLISP system that will link with its new system following the development of new NHFC IT infrastructure once the new Enterprise Architecture project is concluded.  Such a new, dedicated FLISP system when implemented will take processing to even another level.

Whilst some delays resulted from the moratorium on procurement during the hard COVID lockdown last year, and the upgrading of government’s HSS system, the enhancement of the CRM System is almost complete.

This system is currently live internally and will be made available to origination partners and applicants from the public as soon as the internal testing is completed.  This is the portal platform through which the entire processing value chain will be automated.

The enhanced CRM system is expected to deliver the following benefits to all NHFC clients:

  • Automate the processing of FLISP applications throughout the value chain.
  • Enable all categories of FLISP clients to submit applications via a portal to initiate the application process.
  • Bring about efficiencies in turnaround times in FLISP application outcomes.
  • Disbursements become automated.
  • Automatic feedback, via SMS or email, to clients at each stage or milestone of the FLISP process will occur, thereby eliminating the need for client follow ups.

In essence, the enhanced CRM system will provide a seamless end-to-end FLISP application process with minimum human intervention. External database searches will be automated, and the results interpreted by the system. To support the implementation of the system, especially in quality control at the various stages of processing, the NHFC is to also recruit additional staff.

The high-level schematic diagram of the CRM System

At a high level, the diagram above depicts how FLISP clients will interface with the system via a FLISP portal. Once an application has been checked for quality control, it will enter into the system for processing, with automated updates to clients sent via SMS or email at each processing milestone up to the payment stage.

 Training on Enhanced CRM System of FLISP origination partners

The training of origination partners on how to use the system has been initiated and it is ongoing. Key business partners such as banks, developers, estate agents, intermediaries, including bond originators have undergone training on the portal system to enable them to submit FLISP applications via the system portal when it goes live.


The planning of the public launch of the enhanced CRM system is at an advanced stage and it is intended that this public launch will raise awareness of the System to all users so that they can begin to enjoy a positive experience in their engagement with the FLISP application and payment processes.

Finally, the NHFC and DHS are jointly working on intensifying the marketing of FLISP at a national scale; and the NHFC expects the system to enable them to manage the expected increased volumes.