Gauteng Partnership Fund makes it happen!

November 12th, 2020|

By Rory Macnamara | All photos by GPF SA Affordable Housing (SAAH) recently spoke with the Acting CEO, Mr Daniel Malokomme and Chief Investment Officer, Ms Vinolia Mashiane of the Gauteng Partnership Fund (GPF). [...]

  • SAARDA has aligned its focus to work with and engage with government to deliver houses.

Housing delivery challenge

October 27th, 2020|

By Michael Hartman, Chairman, SA Affordable Residential Developer’s Association (SAARDA) The national lockdown due to Covid-19 had a severe impact on people’s lives and in particular their housing needs. […]

  • https://www.banking.org.za/

Debt relief measures for housing consumers

September 19th, 2020|

By Paul Stober and Sue Hatton of the Banking Association South Africa (BASA) In response to Covid-19, debt relief measures are offered by banks to consumers. Housing consumers have been the largest category of credit [...]

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