Urban population in Africa was reported to be the fastest growing globally and by 2030 Africa will host six of the world’s 41 megacities. Africa’s remarkable urban growth creates major challenges around city infrastructure and service delivery but at the same time provides an abundance of opportunities for both public and private sector players to explore and reinvent urban living in the smartest ways possible.

The summit will host three days of smart events in support of technology and transformation, all under one roof.

Thought leadership summit: the third annual African Smart Cities Summit is designed to prepare African cities for the future. It will bring together under one roof public and private sector players who will determine the future of African cities and reinvent urban living in the smartest ways possible.

The African Construction Expo will include a high-level Stakeholder Engagement Forum, Digital Smart Zone with free to attend workshops, Smart Chats on the expo floor and invaluable networking opportunities.

Some of the objectives of the summit include:

  • Debate how smarter cities can alleviate African urban challenges and understand where we stand in leveraging proven smart city solutions in Africa?
  • Define government’s role in enabling future cities to be smart and discuss public and private sector co-operation to support smart city transition.
  • Discover how smart and sustainable infrastructure developments help owners, operators and users improve efficiency and performance, optimise how space is used and minimise the environmental impact of infrastructure projects.
  • Get an understanding of how smarter and sustainable neighborhoods and cities are being developed right now.
  • Explore lessons learned, challenges faced, winning solutions and achieving objectives in various smart city projects.
  • Learn about the stresses and shocks faced by African cities and solutions for smarter transport, water management, smart grid, security, emergency response, citizen engagement and more.
  • Understand how connectivity and technology can improve the quality of life in cities, help city governments provide improved and sustainable services and safeguard their infrastructure.

African Smart Cities Summit is CPD accredited by the South African Institute of Building Design. 0.55 (category one), CPD credits for Architectural Professionals.