The National Housing Development Agency (HDA) has formally expressed interest in a 13 000m² property in Eastridge, Mitchells Plain.

The property was due to be auctioned, for mixed-use development by the private sector, which would include much-needed housing opportunities for the Eastridge market and commercial space such as convenience stores. However, in good faith, the site has been withdrawn from auction to enable negotiations regarding the possible transfer of that erf to the HDA.

Eastridge, Mitchells Plain. Image credit: Property24

Eastridge, Mitchells Plain. Image credit: Property24

The City is determined to ensure the Eastridge property goes towards the higher purpose of meaningful residential and commercial opportunities.

The City has previously stated it would consider the transfer to the HDA on condition, inter alia, that the site be developed within five years, or revert back to municipal ownership. This condition is to ensure that Eastridge residents benefit timeously from the potential residential and commercial opportunities for which both the City and HDA agree the site has potential.

 The City has already rezoned the Eastridge property in 2017 for mixed-use development to unlock economic and social value in the area.

The National Government previously expressed no interest in the property when consulted on 16 January 2015.

The HDA has further expressed interest in two small adjacent sites of 725m² each on College Road, Claremont. This is notwithstanding a previous HDA assessment, which reached the conclusion that these sites are too small for viable state-subsidised housing developments. The national government also expressed no interest in the sites when notified on 1 February 2019.

In the circumstances, the two Claremont erven have also been withdrawn from the auction to pursue further engagements on the future use of this land.

The remaining properties are to be auctioned on 10 February 2022 during an innovative online virtual auction, which sets the standard for fairness and transparency in the release of land not suitable for municipal purposes.

These properties include opportunities to unlock industrial investment in Atlantis, as well as a range of small, single-residential zoned properties suitable for individual family homes.

Opportunities for real estate acquisition and development underpin so many elements of the city’s economic recovery.

Release of land not suitable for municipal purposes is a key means by which the City stimulates the local economy and creates jobs through construction, generating revenue for municipal service delivery at the same time.