Surge protection is important to reduce stress on any equipment when load shedding switching surges occur, while higher lightning activity also means surges are more common.  Surge protection devices (SPDs) are critical to extend the life of appliances, electronics and other equipment.

DEHNguard Basic is the first lie of defence against surges. Image credit: ElectroMechanica (EM)

DEHNguard Basic is the first lie of defence against surges. Image credit: ElectroMechanica (EM)

It is for this reason that leading supplier ElectroMechanica (EM) has launched two new surge protection products as part of its comprehensive solutions offering. Not only is EM the exclusive local distributor, but the new products are also available in convenient hanging blister packs that are easy to display.

DEHNcord is ideal for any low amperage 230 V application, from industrial and commercial to residential. The form factor is key here as it allows for a SPD to be installed close to the equipment to be protected. DEHNguard Basic is aimed at residential distribution board applications only. This may expand into the small commercial segment due to the new SANS 10142 coming into effect, which will require a basic device for higher lightning activity areas.

DEHNguard Basic provides the first line of defence against surges. DEHNcord is used in conjunction with this product at plug points, terminal boxes or other equipment housings to provide the best voltage protection level, vastly increasing the protection provided. DEHNcord can also be used with any other DEHN SPDs in distribution boards, whereas DEHNguard Basic is the simplest form of surge protection only at distribution boards, protecting the electrical system and any equipment within 10m.

DEHNguard Basic fits onto DIN rail and Samite, which is uniquely popular in South Africa. It also fits into most residential distribution boards and features a compact footprint. DEHNcord fits many popular South African plug boxes, gate-motor boxes and LED lighting housings, and comes pre-wired for fast and easy installation.

“As a well-established family-owned brand with over 110 years’ experience and a great reputation, DEHN conducts extensive up-to-date testing on all its devices to the latest standards. Besides additional features, DEHN also uses the highest-quality materials and manufacturing,” comments EM product manager Christo van Rensburg. All of DEHN’s imported products comply with the latest international standards for SPDs, as adopted directly by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).

The latest standards which all surge protection should be manufactured in accordance with are IEC/SANS 61643-11 for power SPDs and IEC/SANS 61643-21 for information technology SPDs. While some SPD manufacturers still use the old withdrawn standards, DEHN is guaranteed to be up to date. EM also provides first-line technical product support and sales support, working directly with DEHN’s experts for any queries or special applications.