The City of Cape Town and its partner, Garden Cities handed over 24 homes today, 28 October 2021, to beneficiaries at the R74-million Greenville Phase 3 subsidised housing project in Durbanville. Some 1 824 homes have already been handed over, including 395 homes to qualifying beneficiaries in Phase 3 of the project.

Image credit: City of Cape Town

Image credit: City of Cape Town

The R74-million Greenville project is a partnership between the City’s Human Settlements Directorate, the Western Cape Government’s Department of Human Settlements and developer, Garden Cities. Phases 1 and 2, saw a combined cost of R247-million, with Phase 2 being completed in August 2020. Over the coming months, the City will continue handing over homes to qualifying beneficiaries across the metro.

‘The City remains committed to housing provision and will continue to make every effort to deliver more housing opportunities that will empower many more residents as property owners. The City is committed to providing housing opportunities to qualifying beneficiaries on the City’s Housing Needs Register. We will continue to protect our projects from unlawful occupation and to fight for the rights of residents who are waiting for housing opportunities. We thank the project teams and partners for the hard work and dedication in helping us provide homes to the beneficiaries.

‘We are pleased that we are able to hand over 24 additional homes to qualifying beneficiaries today. This project enables redress to some of the most vulnerable across the metro and makes use of alternative building technologies. The Greenville development forms part of a greater catalytic housing development, which will eventually boast approximately 4 000 Breaking New Ground State-subsidised housing opportunities, social housing, financed linked houses and commercial opportunities. We congratulate the beneficiaries who have received their homes here today,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Human Settlements, Councillor Malusi Booi.

The selection of beneficiaries for all City housing projects is done in accordance with the City’s Allocation Policy and the City’s Housing Needs Register to ensure that housing opportunities are allocated to qualifying beneficiaries in a fair and equitable manner.