Due to the vast range of mounting applications most manufacturers won’t recommend specific mounting / fixations for the installation of their products. IOPSA has therefore compiled this document as a guideline for mounting a geyser onto a load bearing brick or concrete wall.

Fixed electric storage water heater
Number of feet / brackets Number of large-faced washer size and thickness Number and size / length of anchor bolt Additional requirements
38mm x 1.5mm

M10 x 75mm

L-shaped brackets

Manufacture approved.

L – Shape Brackets



Load Bearing Masonry     or            Concrete

                              Example of anchor bolts


Please note:

The L- Shape brackets are to be correctly secured to a load bearing or concrete wall. The geyser feet are to align over the L shape bracket to ensure that they can be affixed to the geyser feet via the pre-punched bracket holes using:  4 x 8mm bolt and nuts.

* The manufacturer’s information tag needs to be checked to confirm if the hot storage water heater may be wall mounted.

* Tanks and water heaters larger than 200ℓ shall not be wall mounted.

* A suitable type of anchor bolt must be used for the type of substrate.

* This document may be reviewed or amended at any stage, latest version to apply.

IOPSA thanks those who assisted in the development of this basic guideline. IOPSA assumes no responsibility or accountability on any anchor bolt(s) that may fail or the integrity and condition of the substrate to which such anchor bolt(s) are anchored into. Licenced plumbers are encouraged to practice safe installations. If uncertain, IOPSA recommends that you consult with the relevant anchor bolt manufacturer for additional technical information and guidance as to the correct application of such product.