The Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA) is making every endeavour to inform and highlight the importance of the Residential Rent Relief Programme (RRRP).

The programme aims to assist social housing tenants impacted ­financially by the Covid-19 pandemic between April 2020 and September 2020 meet their rental obligations.

The SHRA continues to make efforts to adequately communicate and keep tenants, social housing landlords and other relevant stakeholders up to date with the RRRP through various initiatives, including stakeholder engagements, posters, our social media platforms, website and through benefi­ciary education sessions that take place online and physically.

We have also now launched a community radio campaign to raise awareness about the RRRP. The campaign has been kick-started across South Africa on the following local community radio stations: in Gauteng – Jozi FM and Moretele FM; in Limpopo – Energy FM; In KwaZulu-Natal – Imbokodo; in the Eastern Cape province – Izwi Lethemba and PE FM; and in the Western Cape – Radio Zibonele.

The campaign will continue up until the 10th of October 2021.

The SHRA will also kick-start an exciting campaign that embraces a creative concept to communicate and inform the public and other stakeholders about the RRRP and how to apply for it simply and easily.

The ‘RRRP animation campaign’ will officially be uploaded across our social media platforms and website on the 6th of October.

Watch the animation video here:

The SHRA and social housing sector remain committed to successfully rolling-out this programme to ensure that tenants fi­nancially impacted by Covid-19 are offered relief.

The SHRA calls on social housing landlords to assist tenants to apply for the RRRP.

For any queries on the RRRP, please visit our website:, call: 011 274 6239 or email: