The South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) recently launched its innovative SAICE Connect portal, which aims to assist SAICE members with access to employment opportunities.

The portal offers a faster, more controlled method for employers and jobseekers to engage within the civil engineering and built environment.

Nthabeleng Lentsoane .Image credit: SAICE

Nthabeleng Lentsoane .Image credit: SAICE

Nthabeleng Lentsoane, SAICE’s Head of Marketing, explained that SAICE Connect was an active response from SAICE to address its members’ needs because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly with regards to the challenge of unemployment. “While online platforms allow recruiters to advertise job vacancies, the disadvantage is that anyone will apply. With SAICE Connect, recruiters can find candidates suitably qualified for the job, making the recruitment process shorter and more tailored,” said Lentsoane.

For employees, the portal allows members to upload their resumes for recruiters to view. It offers job seekers several employment options including vacation work, post-varsity work, part-time and full-time employment vacancies, and contract opportunities.


The Connect portal also offers engineers a valuable tool – the SAICE Mentorship Programme. The programme focuses on final year engineering students and recently qualified engineers.

The webinar facilitator, Innocentia Mahlangu PrEng, SAICE Education & Training Panel Chairperson, and Chairperson of the SAICE Diversity and Inclusivity pillar, said her mentors helped her achieve career success. “I can attest to the importance of mentorship. I’m excited to see that SAICE has developed a solution to assist civil engineering professionals looking to advance their careers.”

Tom McKune .Image credit: SAICE

Tom McKune .Image credit: SAICE

Graduates need guidance from experienced civil engineering professionals on various engineering career paths. Phathi Masimirembwa PrTechEng, Grow SAICE Champion added: “The objective of the mentorship programme is to advise and motivate mentees. For recent graduates, a mentor can be a soundboard for important career decisions.” The programme is also open to SAICE members who want to become mentors.

Included in the SAICE Connect launch was a key focus of the SAICE education and training wing – the SAICE Academy, which remains focused on the growth and development of SAICE members. “Everybody has a puzzle piece missing no matter where they are along their career path. The aim of the SAICE Academy is to help you to build your career – one puzzle piece at a time,” says Tom McKune PrTechEng, SAICE Head of Training.

The SAICE Connect portal and the SAICE Academy provide great opportunities for members to connect with employers and mentors and to grow their careers. The Connect portal is free for both members and recruiters, and it can be accessed at