The City of Cape Town is pleased with the progress of its R41-million Lourensia Park housing project and that it is ever-closer to enabling redress for the beneficiaries of this project as first-time home owners.

Image credit: City of Cape Town

Image credit: City of Cape Town

The project comprises various phases, with the first phase comprising 216 units having been completed in December 2011. The current project, Lourensia Park Phase 2, was started in 2017, and the engineering services were completed by the end of 2017. It was followed by the construction of the housing units for Phase 2, which was started in 2019. This phase of the project comprises 150 housing opportunities.

Thus far, 49 beneficiaries have received their homes.

The selection of beneficiaries for housing projects has been done in accordance with the City’s Allocation Policy and the City’s Housing Needs Register to ensure that housing opportunities are allocated to qualifying beneficiaries in a fair and equitable manner that prevents queue-jumping. The beneficiary target areas are determined in consultation with the community’s representatives, and submitted to a Housing Allocation Committee for approval.

‘Despite all the general setbacks we experience as a City in trying to deliver opportunities to our beneficiaries, such as budget cuts and the constant orchestrated land invasions that are especially placing our housing programme at risk, we are committed to seeing our housing projects through to the end for the benefit of our beneficiaries.

‘The accommodation need in Cape Town is pronounced and we will only succeed by following a systematic approach of first come, first served without queue-jumping. We must safeguard the integrity of our housing delivery programmes despite the great pressure from urbanisation, land invasions and the diminishing national grants for human settlement developments. We need Cape Town as a society to support us in our endeavours and to work with us to ensure we are able to establish a more inclusive human settlements environment,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Human Settlements, Councillor Malusi Booi.