The Concrete Institute’s School of Concrete Technology has urged South African concrete professionals to timeously enrol for online self-study courses designed to prepare students for two internationally-recognised courses of the London-based Institute of Concrete Technology (ICT).

Image credit: SCT

Image credit: SCT

The SCT41 and SCT42 self-study courses were developed by the School of Concrete Technology (SCT) in Midrand to assist students to be eligible to write the ‘ICT Certificate in Concrete Technology and Construction Stage 2 – General Principles’, and ‘ICT Certificate in Concrete Technology and Construction: Stage 3 – Practical Applications’. The ICT annually implements examinations for both courses.

John Roxburgh, senior lecturer at the SCT, says this year’s examinations were cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. “However, the exams have now been rescheduled for May 2021. This means there is ample time for those wishing to write them to prepare by enrolling for the SCT41 and SCT42 courses we offer online. Experience has shown that candidates do well in these examinations when they have had time to complete the two SCT bridging courses at a comfortable pace, without time and work constraints,” Roxburgh states.

The SCT41 and SCT42 online courses cover all ICT examination requirements including a compilation of past years’ exam papers, specialist lecturer guidance and input, as well as workshops prior to the ICT exams.

“Students can do both courses simultaneously. In fact, SCT41’s content is valuable for SCT42 studies so many students usually sign up to do both at the same time. Registration will be allowed up to February next year but it is recommended that studies be started in good time before the May 2021 examinations which will be written at our premises in Midrand, under strict Covid-19 regulations that may then be in force,” he adds.

SCT will on behalf of the ICT present the pinnacle of concrete technology, the SCT50 Advanced Concrete Technology (ACT) diploma course in early 2022. “A prerequisite for this globally-acclaimed course is successful completion of the ICT stage 2 and stage 3 exams.  It is therefore vitally important for all who wish to acquire the ACT diploma – which opens doors to lucrative careers in concrete technology world-wide – to sign up to do both the SCT41 and SCT42 courses as soon as possible to quality for studying for the ACT diploma in 2022.”

For further information, and details about special concessions now offered by SCT for its high-tech concrete courses, contact Roxburgh on +27 (0)11 315 0300 or visit