Study to be a builder – for free

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Welcome to IOPSA

The Institute of Plumbing South Africa was established in 1989 by plumbers. Today the Institute of Plumbing has evolved as the only plumbing body that has become the recognised voice of the South African Plumbing industry.

The Institute provides a platform so as to advise on the practice and principles of the plumbing industry. The Institute regularly consults and liaises with the plumbing industry, governmental and regulatory bodies for the discussion of matters affecting the plumbing industry.
A unique publication dedicated to quality sustainable housing for what is defined as the ‘gap’ market

The Master Builders Association of the Western Cape (MBAWC) have chosen this period – when learners are completing matric – to remind them of a nationally recognised qualification.

Credit: Safety Codes Council

This free building course is open to those who have completed matric with maths as a subject, but those who don’t meet this qualification can undergo psychometric tests to prove their capabilities for the course. Students can potentially earn money while they study to become builders.

The course lasts four years in total, and is mainly hands on and experience driven with a number of companies offering positions to students who are on the course.

The course has many successful participants, including Gabaitsiwe Medupe, who is now a construction manager and safety officer at Pinelands Development Company.

“I learnt everything about the industry, including how to manage materials and labour, how to build a house, the tendering process and the legal requirements that one must follow for compliance,” says Medupe.