A world-first has been launched in South Africa, specifically created for the affordable housing market.
By Benjamin Brits 

partnership between pwp SA and BD Glazing and Aluminium, has produced a uniquely-profiled unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) window – targeted at the affordable housing sector.

Freddie Opperman (pwp SA), designer, developer and owner of the product IP, has been entrenched in the product’s development for more than four years. He also owns the tooling that is manufactured to extrude this unique profile that is kept under lock and key.

“There is nothing else currently like this in the world and, due to its unique profile and design, this product can only be manufactured right here in South Africa. You also cannot buy the profile off the rack as it is specially produced exclusively to manufacture these windows by DB Glazing and Aluminium. The completed product was initially put into the market in January 2019 and, due to its widespread attention from developers, the product has now officially been launched,” says Opperman.

The product – called the Brilliant UPVC Window System – is designed specifically for the low-cost market. Price wise it is very affordable and, in comparison, it competes with steel windows that are finished, painted and glazed.

Although another UPVC product exists in South Africa, it is a different design and not as cost effective as the Brilliant UPVC window, which is aesthetically very similar to an aluminium window frame, but many changes have been made to accommodate the UPVC concept in the manufacturing process.

Many large developers have already shown an interest and the UPVC window system is in the process of being added to specifier’s lists for inclusion in building options. The product has been South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) certified and also holds Association of Architectural Aluminium Manufacturers of South Africa (AAAMSA) certification according to SANS 613.

The window system is 100% UV resistant and being unplasticized, it cannot burn, and in fact is selfextinguishing. The composite of the material, which was formulated in Germany by material experts, contains a significant portion of titanium and the quality of the product is assured. It is guaranteed that there will be no discolouring, it will not become brittle and will not crack or break and comes with a 10-year guarantee.

A test site was established two and a half years ago where about 50 windows were installed in North West Province, which are different sizes and shapes of the UPVC window system. The site was selected because in this province the UV factor is the highest in South Africa and this research has shown, that there is no difference to the product whatsoever. The self-evaluation proves the quality of the product without taking someone else’s word for it, according to Opperman.

Besides the attractive cost-factor up front – it is a cheaper option – lugs are also installed onto the windows in the same fashion as steel frames and are built in, therefore there are additional cost savings by avoiding installing them afterwards, as is common with alternative window products.

The Brilliant UPVC Window System is made available in a two-fold approach. Firstly, direct to developers in the affordable housing market and through building retail outlets. This unique and different solution has already created a lot of excitement in the industry.

It is expected that when production moves into full tilt, the company will create numerous employment opportunities for additional staff with the goal of completing a window every five minutes. As an added benefit, everything is made in South Africa (the extrusion and completed product), therefore supporting local business.

Specific details about brilliant UPVC window system

  • The product is fusion welded and is fitted with 4mm glass.
  • The expected lifespan is more than 50 years.
  • Training on the product is available.
  • The product comes in a grey and white profile with additional colours to follow in the future.
  • Various standard sizes are available.

For more information on this cost-effective, high-quality and unique solution that caters to the affordable housing market, contact Brilliant UPVC Windows +27 (0) 11 967 0071