The Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA) is excited to present the 2020 State of the Social Housing Report.

2020 State of the Social Housing Report

The report provides an overview of the current state of the sector, as well as profiles the performance, transformation, successes, challenges, opportunities, and developments within the social housing sector.

In addition, the report conveys plans and initiatives of the SHRA to support the future development of the social housing programme, policy developments, and partner¬ships with key role players.

The social housing sector remains an important instrument and is one of government’s flagship programmes in terms of providing adequate and affordable rental housing for people in South Africa.

It aims to provide more than just a roof over one’s head and seeks to address the social, economic, and spatial restructuring of our urban spaces. The programme has also been flagged as a key contributor to assist with South Africa’s infrastructure-led economic recovery plan. Further, the construction of housing creates opportunities for employment but also provides for broader and deeper transformation potential across the value chain.

The report is a useful resource not only for stakeholders, who are already involved in the sector, but also for those who are keen to partner to grow the sector or who simply want to stay informed.