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When it comes to painting in general, we often tend to focus on the actual labour involved without really considering the actual paint coating. Cost considerations also influence our decision and often determine our choice of coating. What we need the paint to do, is often neglected.

Photo by Prominent Paints

Photo by Prominent Paints

All paint coatings are not created equal. When deciding on which paint will be the best to protect our homes and properties – we really need to consider the coatings’ ability to withstand the harsh South African weather conditions it will be exposed to.

For any paint coating and system to perform as intended, it is very important to do proper and correct surface preparation. The surface to be painted should always be sound (not friable cement plaster or loose and flaky paint on the surface, clean (free from debris, dirt, and grime) and dry (moisture levels should be 15% or below) for the paint system to adhere perfectly to the surface.

Application time and method are very important aspects to take into consideration when applying paint. Paint should never be applied in direct sunlight as the surface temperature will be too hot. It will cause the paint coating to dry rapidly and could result in the surface finish being unsightly.

It is also of vital importance to choose the correct roller for the specific surface to be painted (rough or smooth walls). The use of an incorrect roller could lead to poor hiding ability, over spreading or an extremely thin film build of the coating layer. Any or all of these factors could result in premature paint failure which would be extremely costly to rectify.

You know the age-old saying that you cannot build a strong house on a weak foundation? Well, that sage advice is very applicable when it comes to primers! The most important thing to remember is to never skimp on the primer. Seeing as this layer of paint will be hidden under the topcoat, it might be very tempting to decide on a budget option. This would prove to be a very costly mistake. The primer is the foundation of the entire paint system. If the primer fails, all coatings painted afterwards will also fail – even if it was quality paint. When using budget PVA or primers, one risks factors such as alkali burn, poor adhesion and poor finish.

For all the reasons mentioned above, it is always a good idea to do proper research prior to any paint project. A Product Technical Data Sheet will provide you with all the necessary information on that specific coating including correct surface preparation, application method and technical data.

If you need an excellent paint coating system that you could use with great success, would last you for years and provide complete peace of mind, look no further! Prominent High Performance Alkali Sealer and Prominent High Performance Neuklad are products that have been tried and tested since 1968! Prominent High Performance Neuklad is a very versatile paint coating that provides flexibility, excellent elasticity, is resistant to extreme weather conditions, bridges hairline cracks and may also be used as a waterproofing system in conjunction with membrane.

When deciding on this paint system, it is very important to use the Prominent Alkali Resistant Primer on the surface prior to applying the Prominent High Performance Neuklad. Used together, this system carries a paint film guarantee of 15 years. This would apply to previously painted exterior surfaces. The primer will promote adhesion and prevent premature paint failure.

After application of the primer and after you have allowed the primer to dry for 16 hours, you can apply two perpendicular coats of Prominent Fibre Seal on all the horizontal tops, like parapet walls and windowsills, allowing 24 hours drying time between coats to prevent moisture ingress. Once this has been done and the waterproofing is dry, you can proceed with two coats of Prominent High Performance Neuklad for the final finish.

Like the general wear and tear that we experience whilst driving a car, paint film will also experience a process known as corrosion. This is mainly caused by ultraviolet rays, rainfall, sand blasting and general temperature changes. These factors are known as macro and microclimates. Due to the unique formulation of the Prominent High Performance Neuklad system, it can withstand these factors and the coating will not be severely affected by corrosion in the short term. The general maintenance period of buildings painted with this system will also be prolonged by many years.

The quality of this system does not mean, however, that no maintenance should take place once a problem does occur. If a building experiences crack formation or if a moisture related problem occurs, it should be remedied as soon as possible to prevent further damage. It remains important to do periodic checking and maintenance of any painted structure or building to ensure longevity of a paint system. If problems are spotted early, they can be addressed quickly. Preventative maintenance saves money and time, and ensures that your most valuable asset will remain just that – valuable!

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