Development in South Africa’s housing market continues on an upward trend with quality, sustainable products, such as Corobrik’s face brick range, proving a primary choice for developers.

Johannesburg’s Route 82 Security Village is one such example, with construction of the 852 modern apartment units incorporating a total of four million of Corobrik’s Montana and Nebraska Travertine face bricks.

Four million face bricks for new Jozi housing development. Credit: Paintcor

“The implementation of quality homes in this housing sector is key to the creation of harmonious communities and an efficient economy,” says Corobrik’s commercial director, Musa Shangase. “Developments such as Route 82 are providing really appealing homes for families, near access routes and viable employment. The finished product is a captivating visualisation of the impact Corobrik’s face bricks have, not to mention the numerous associated benefits in cost, maintenance and living quality.”

Route 82 Security Village offers residents a home with 24-hour security, modern interior finishes, laundry services and designated carports. For the construction of the variety of two- and one-bathroom units, Central Development Projects immediately turned to the robust brick as a first choice.

“The Corobrik face brick options are substantially stronger and can handle pressure of 35Mpa,” explains Vincent Claassen, project manager. “We felt that the red bricks blended really well with the red building sand used and further added to the overall aesthetic presentation. The residents will benefit further, in regard to safety, through a range of expansion joins which prevent internal wall cracks and enhance the structural stability. Polysulphide then covered the joining expansion openings to give the wall a smooth finish.”

According to Claassen, Central Developments Projects select Corobrik’s face bricks for rental projects because the initial expense is quickly mitigated by the need for plaster and paint, as well as the lack of maintenance required. This results in big savings for the company and consumer.

“Central Development Projects has always been extremely satisfied with the service rendered by Corobrik, through fast delivery on site and zero down-time with the project plan guidelines,” says Claassen.

There have been several insulation techniques incorporated in the design which are enhanced by the natural thermal properties of Corobrik’s face bricks which regulate internal temperatures and saves costs on artificial heating and cooling systems.

Construction started in 2015 on phase 1, with more phases added year-on-year. A total of 852 units will be completed by the end of 2018. The popularity of the complex, with its full offering and quality finishes, as well as the affordable nature of the units, has resulted in increased demand and potential for more phases in the future.