IOPSA executive director Brendan Reynolds on 19 February issued the following announcement: “We are pleased to announce that IOPSA and PRAWA have agreed to mutual membership. Should you or your members have any queries regarding roofing and waterproofing please contact PRAWA directly. Wherever possible we should be recommending that clients use PRAWA members and they will do the same for IOPSA.”

IOPSA executive director Brendan Reynolds. Image credit: Eamonn Ryan

IOPSA executive director Brendan Reynolds. Image credit: Eamonn Ryan


The Professional Roof Repair and Waterproofing Association (PRAWA) was formed to preserve and promote the roofing industry in South Africa, PRAWA’s purpose is to aid its members to operate successfully and competitively.

PRAWA is dedicated to promoting professionalism by providing leadership for the benefit of its members. The success of each member is continually enhanced by providing:

  • Waterproofing and roof repairs education and Continuous Professional Development (CPD), specific to the South African climate
  • A forum for information exchange
  • A means for industry problem identification and resolution
  • Regular communication and networking
  • An industry liaison between suppliers and contractors
  • The pursuit of the highest waterproofing and roof repairs standards for South Africa

PRAWA members recognise that the establishment of a healthy business environment is greatly influenced by their professional conduct. The association strongly supports the following practices and encourages their members to do the same.

PRAWA ensures their professional waterproofing and roofing contractors:

  • Are honest and straightforward in their dealings with clients, submitting reasonable proposals and answering all questions pertaining to those proposals
  • Stand behind their work, offering guarantees where applicable
  • Enter into contracts that are fair and equitable, and that clearly assign responsibility
  • Offer evidence of all relevant legal documentation
  • Recognise that the employees’ health and safety are of paramount concern to the company and its employees
  • Support the education and training of their employees

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