In the spotlight this month is Katleho Mallela, a director and majority shareholder at Anquet Construction Solutions, based in Bedfordview, Johannesburg.

Katleho Mallela holds multiple qualifications under her belt – a BA Postgraduate degree in International Relations and Media Communications from Monash University SA and also boasts qualifications in Project Management from Wits Business School.

“I have a passion for project management and the construction industry as a whole, and value the role that women are beginning to play in this industry as well,” Mallela says.

Life outside work

Life is fairly relaxed and slow paced outside of the work environment. Mallela enjoys going to the gym on a regular basis, reading, immersing herself in literature and travel when she can. For the most part, work usually keeps her busy Monday to Friday, so she makes the most of her time outside of work and relaxation is her usual go-to.

Katleho Mallela, director and majority shareholder at Anquet Construction Solutions. Image: Katleho Mallela

Katleho Mallela, director and majority shareholder at Anquet Construction Solutions. Image: Katleho Mallela

Getting into construction

“My father got me involved in the construction industry. He inspired me to take an interest, from visiting construction sites with him when I was younger, listening to him talk about the industry and his work. This led me not only to be inspired but drawn to the industry,” Mallela shares.

She joined Eskom before Anquet and her interest in construction, engineering and project management grew from there. Up to now, Mallela’s career has been filled with growth and learning as she admits it is a tough industry with many challenges, but rewarding in many ways.

Worthy achievement

Mallela says her most significant achievement to date has definitely been learning and evolving within the company over the years in which she holds a majority share.
Mallela remembers, “When I went up on behalf of the Anquet team to receive the South African Forum of Civil Engineering Contractors (SAFCEC) 2018 Presidential Award for Most Valued Participation & Commitment by a Member Company, it was definitely one of the main highlights of my career. Not only do I work for a great company, but a company that commits itself to creating change in the construction industry, especially in such a prestigious organisation as SAFCEC.”

The motivation

Mallela’s inspiration comes from seeing how the [construction] platform is gradually changing to embrace women in senior and management positions in an industry that has otherwise been known to have a long history of male domination.

“It is inspiring to wake up every day knowing you are working to not only change the infrastructure of the country, but the way in which women are perceived within it. I am proud to work for a female-owned construction company,” states Mallela proudly.

Her advice for others

“What I have learnt is to keep pushing forward even when facing adversity. Nothing comes easy, and challenges are part of the process. They are there to test you and build you and its only up to you to wisely utilise what you have learnt. Be a sponge and soak up what you can, there is a wealth of knowledge out there – you just need to be open enough to receive it. Go out there and GET IT! Nothing will come to you if you are not willing to work hard for it, keep trying and striving, always,” adds Mallela.