The new Energizer LED magnet light is not your normal magnet light, Energizer takes LED to a whole new level with its new 25-lumen, super bright beam light that can be used as a torch.

“It is so bright for its size that you can find your way in the dark, far better than your brightest cell phone torch or mini torch,” says Ryan Hunt, sales director, Vermont Sales.

“We were told that that this new magnet light was different, and I must say the Energizer guys were right it does the job of a good bright torch when it comes to finding your way in the dark and is so bright you can read and work from the light.”

Being magnetic a number of these units placed around the house in key spots are ideal for power failures or load shedding, as you could activate them and have a great light for the full duration of the power failure. It is the ideal work light as it can be attached to your clothing giving you the use of both hands.

The light takes two long-lasting powerful CR2032 flat batteries, another key feature is that it is also weather proof.

For more information, contact Vermont Sales on +27 (0) 11 314 7711.