Of all the power saws ever designed and built by Festool, the new TS 55 R is their most innovative and technically advanced plunge saw ever to come out of its factory in Germany.

The TS 55 R’s ultra-flat and continuous planar housing due to the intake fittings located inside is an excellent feature. The flat body makes possible proximate sawing at a minimum wall distance of 12mm which is unique to the Festool saw.

It is used mainly for precise circular sawing of materials up to 55mm thick, cutting interior doors, all wooden fitting to length using the guide rail and circular saw, manufacturing expansion joints in parquet flooring and false joints, cutting board (including chipboard) to size and cutting and processing plasterboard.

A tough durable 1 050W motor powers the TS 55 R with an engine speed of 6 500rpm, the saw blade diameter is 160mm, with an angular cutting range of -1 to 47 °, cutting depth is 0 to 55mm at 90° and an angle depth of 45° at 43mm. Its overall weight is a remarkably light at 4.4kg.

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