Today is April Fool’s Day, and no doubt many of us woke up this morning hoping it would all turn out to be a bad joke. Maybe someone would arrive at our door and, instead of wearing PPE, they’d be wearing an ‘I’m with Stupid’ T-shirt and a big grin, and the whole coronavirus thing was a big, fat hoax that we all got suckered into.

No, we’re not in the mood! Image credit: Quotes ideas

No, we’re not in the mood! Image credit: Quotes ideas

Has the whole pandemic story been lifted from some obscure Dean Koontz novel (1981’s The Eyes of Darkness, to be precise), and, as happened with that Orson Welles War of the Worlds radio broadcast, we all mistook fiction for reality and got ourselves into a Covid-19 lather.

We’d scream: “We had you going there for a while,” as our smirking visitor might say. “You should have seen the look on your face!”

At first, we’ll be a bit angry at having been taken in, but then we’ll see the funny side. “You- you swine! You had me proper fooled. I’ve been washing my hands ten times a day, and dosing up on multivitamins. I even filled up my garage with rolls of toilet paper and paid R500 for a face mask.”

Then we’ll wag our finger in mock disapproval. “You ever trick me like that again and I’ll… I’ll…”

In the end, we’ll shrug our shoulders and go back to our pre-coronavirus daily routines as if nothing had happened – dropping the kids at school, getting on a packed freeway and heading into our offices to resume normal working life. Later that evening we’ll all get together for a festive braai and have a good, sheepish laugh at how we were so easily taken in.

Source: Irish Times