The government of Ghana has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with South African firm Africa Investment to construct the Accra Sky Train at a projected cost of almost R42-billion.

Credit: Graphic Online

The sky train is predicted to be the perfect way to relieve congestion in Accra and provide a low cost method of transportation for locals.

Ai SkyTrain Consortium would do a feasibility test of the project after which a concessionary agreement would be given for approval to the Cabinet and Parliament within 45 days. Following the adoption of which construction would be set to begin in 2020.

“We are exceptionally excited also by the fact that a lot of the construction works will be done in Ghana. It will create a lot of jobs in Ghana, because the fabrication and construction will all be done in Ghana,” said the Minister.

President Akufo-Addo, stated that the projects sets a good example of intra-Africa co-operation. “In this case it is Ghana and South Africa co-operation, meeting together to deal with the problem of urbanization.”