Currently, Africa requires 56 million affordable houses to meet demand.

That is a big figure, and as time goes by, will only increase. A recent CAHF webinar revealed that, with the political will as shown in certain African countries, such houses will be provided. The three I’s suggested and being applied (sadly not in South Africa, though), are:

Investment – government must enable and allow the private sector to deliver without bureaucratic hinderance. A real PPP effort.

Innovation – allow innovation that adds to the safety and security of affordable homeowners and renters/lessees.

Implementation – herein lies the rub, as Hamlet would say. If there is no commitment and proper finance failure is the only option. PPP must make failure non-negotiable.

Well done to CAHF for hosting the webinar and Kenya and Rwanda for sharing.

SAAH April May 2020

SAAH May June 2020