Security systems are constantly evolving to ensure intruders find it as difficult as possible to gain entry to properties. The strategy is largely to stop and stall criminal elements for as long as possible, thereby allowing time to implement personal protection plans and give the police and reactions units time to arrive.

Physical security barriers like metal burglar bars are an age-old practice used to keep premises secure. Not only are they generally unattractive and obstruct views creating a ‘prison effect’, they also block out natural sunlight and require maintenance, especially in coastal areas. With the number of gated communities and estates growing, metal burglar bars have become unsightly displays and in many cases are not approved as the overall aesthetics of the infrastructure is ruined.

ViewProtect’s ‘Smart Bar’ technology. Image credit: ViewProtect

ViewProtect’s ‘Smart Bar’ technology. Image credit: ViewProtect

The need for a physical barrier that doesn’t negatively affect aesthetics has given rise to the transparent burglar bar industry in South Africa. Transparent burglar bars are generally manufactured from polycarbonate, a thermoplastic polymer with incredibly high impact strength and brilliant transparency that improves the all-important aesthetics of a property whilst satisfying safety requirements with the strong physical barrier it creates.

A Cape Town based company, ViewProtect, has taken the leap and drastically improved on these already impactful polycarbonate barriers. Proudly South African and unique ‘Armed Bars’ ingeniously combine a LEXANTM polycarbonate barrier and an alarm monitoring system to introduce the ultimate burglar bar.

For the first time ever, with ViewProtect’s Internationally Patented ‘Smart Bar’ technology, property owners can fully utilise their alarm system by having permanent perimeter protection whilst maintaining regular movements within their home.

The LEXANTM polycarbonate bars have a specially designed thin wire that has been forced into the sides of the transparent security bar that can be connected to any alarm monitoring system. This thin wire is corrosion-protected and is not visible when looking through these transparent bars.

The in-series connection of the wires in the transparent security bars receives an electrical pulse from the alarm board and the end of line resistor protects the bars if the electrical pulse is bypassed or bridged. Should the LEXANTM polycarbonate security bars be cut, melted, kicked out or tampered with in an attempted burglary, the thin wire will break and activate the alarm.

The benefits of the product:

  • Physically strong transparent safety and security barriers;
  • Connects to any security alarm system for 24-Hour active security alarm protection;
  • No more accidental false alarms;
  • Exclusive supplier of LEXAN polycarbonate – one of the strongest and globally known brands;
  • Enhances property value with aesthetically pleasing security barriers;
  • Insurance benefits due to high-tech alarm monitoring system;
  • UV protected and approved products – independently tested;
  • Easy and affordable installations;